VB.Net/C# Programming Articles

This is the heart of this web site... a collection of articles that attempt to provide insight, comment, and observation on how things are supposed to work. The articles also contain links to additional documentation and to sample/demo projects that you can download, study, and use as examples.

Beginning Programming Articles

Beginning ADO.Net - An introduction to database programming with VB.Net
Saving Data in ADO.Net - How to save changes back to the source database
What's Wrong with Dynamic SQL - How to use parameterized queries
Using ADO.Net Expressions - How to use "expressions" in a DataTable
Using ADO.Net DataRelations - How to get data from related rows in another table
Code Access Security and mscorcfg.msc - How to allow your applications to run from a network share

Intermediate-level Programming Articles

WRPN - Windows Reverse Polish Notation Calculator
Joining ADO.Net DataTables - How to perform SQL-style joins on two ADO.Net DataTables
In-Memory SQL Engine - Run SQL Select command against a set of detached DataTables
Introduction to WMI - Use Windows Management Instrumentation to gather remote info
Son of Snoop on Steroids - Application that gathers 220 pieces of information about PCs
How to Obscure Connection Strings - A useful technique for hiding the database connection strings in a WinForm application
Simple Encryption/Decryption - A simplified example for encrypting and decrypting strings
DataGridView Tips and Tricks - An introduction to the DataGridView and creating a custom MaskedEdit column type

Advanced Programming Techniques

Checking File Permission - Class for checking a user's read/write permissions against a file
Setting File Permissions - Change read/write permissions on a file
Getting the Owner of a File - Return the owner of a file
Changing Ownership of a File - Change the owner of a file to an arbitrary user
Extensible Storage Engine - How to use the ESE API to poke around Window's internal databases
Delegates and the AddressOf Operator - An explanation of Delegates and AddressOf
How to get the Serial Number form a USB disk - Two techniques to get a USB Serial Number

Other IT-related Articles

Journal Note Writer - How to add a TabletPC-style Journal Note Writer to an ordinary PC
Visual Studio Version Interoperability - A utility to convert "project files" between different versions of Visual Studio
Replacement MSWC.PermissionChecker- A 64-bit replacement for the MSWC.PermissionChecker component in IIS
SQL Server Logfile Maintenance - Discussion on how to tame your logfile size


Manage Edge Favorites - Utility to manage Edge favorites
Synchronize Edge Favorites - A replacement for internal Microsoft synchronization systems for sharing Edge favorites
Export Edge Favorites - How to export favorites from the Edge browser
Launch Edge Browser - Utility to launch Edge as an EXE file
View ESE Database - A utility to view ESE databases